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About Aikogrow

AIKO is a professional plant grow lighting solution provider for 7 years. Our products have been exported to many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Australia etc., and the product quality has been better verified. With years of experimentation in our farms in the United States, we know how to help your cannabis grow faster and better, so that you can get the most benefits. AIKO has its production base in China, with a staff of over 150 employees and over 10 R&D personnel.

It has also established a full set of plant production lamp testing and production equipment, such as 2-meter integrating sphere, PPFD tester, PAR portable tester etc. AIKO can provide you OEM/ODM services as well. Meanwhile for your fast delivery and better service, we’ve also set up a warehouse in the United States.

AIKOGROW makes your plants love growing.

The reasons why you'll choose us as your horticultural lighting partner.

innovative design

Innovative Design

Each product is engineered for optimiztion. From functionality to efficient energy consumption, our horticulture led grow light is built for a better grow experience.

light recipe

Light Recipes

Aikogrow's sustainable horticultrual lighting brings the sunlight indoors and we provide the high efficient spectrums as unique as your plants.

leading technology

Leading Technology

We Specialize in LED technologies for decades as they deliver the highest intensity while providing industry leading CRI and Optimized spectrum output from near UV to far red.

application based

Application Based

Aikogrow optimized horticultural lighting applications by building type (layout), plant DLI, spectral requirements and control demands.

control system

Control System

Adjust each lighting with precision on our various control modules. Growers can automate the application of specific spectrum, intensity, and duration using the control app.

fast delivery

Fast Delivery

For the convenience of commercial growers and hobbyists, Aikogrow always keeps inventory in North America so that you can buy local or international.

Welcome to the future of horticultural science & engineering!

indoor grow lamp


Aikogrow indoor lighting system significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

vertical rack farming


More growers take vertical farming to cultivate their crops in order to save space. Our lights can be a integrated solutions for every level of crop production.

indoor greenhouse with grow lights


These lights are used in a greenhouse to replaces HPS & HID, supplement natural light, minimum profile and maximize the yield.