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Time: November, 2021 Address: OKC, Lights to use: 100pcs AIKOGROW 800w MS4 LED grow light and 40pcs HPS lights mixed Light provider: AIKOGROW [aikogrow.com] Features of MS4 LED grow light: 1. Power: 800W 2. PPF efficacy: 2.7 umol/J 3. PPF: 2160 umol/S 4. Samsung white LEDs and Osram 660nm Red LEDs 5. Patented "Plug and Play" configuration for quick installation and less shipping cost. Feedback: Averagely, the grower gave a positive feedback and he recommended the usage of the LED lights and HPS mixed. Because he thinks the HPS will bring enough heat for plants during the period of vegetative and the LED also helps the flowers to turn purple during flowering. In addition, according to him, 800W LED lights is the best choice in this indoor warehouse. Too much power consumption, like 1000W or 1200W will bring no more good things but energy waste and bill increase.

This video was shot in one of Aikogrow customers in OKC. The grower just used our MS4 LED grow lights as well as gavita HPS lights to cultivate these plants. The MS4 LED grow lights brings unexpected good result to him, compared with his previous growing condition of HPS only. For more information about the MS4 LED grow lights, all can have access to our website at aikogrow.com or just contact me at 626-295-6834 directly. Inventory of other type LED grow lights is also available, say... MH2 LED grow lights which looks like gavita 1930e .

Another MS4 LED grow light case study sharing from Aikogrow The grower used 120 pcs Aikogrow LED grow lights to try on a two-tier vertical rack. MS4 LED grow is features as 800W powerful lighting solution for indoor cannabis growing. It delivers the light photon as high as 2160umol/s and help accelerates the crop grow in a fast way. Please contact us at dave@aikogrow.com for more case studies.

The farm is located in Los Angels, covering an area of 1000 square feet. It’s an indoor warehouse, mainly used for the whole phases of cannabis growth, including seedling, vegetative and flowering.