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AIKO Grow Lighting warranties the mechanical and electronic components of this LED grow light product and guarantees the materials and workmanship free of defects, if used under normal operating conditions within a period of 5 years from the purchase date.AIKO Grow Lighting provides maintenance or replacement service for the defective products for free during warranty period. The warranty is only valid for the direct and original purchaser stated on the PI. If you find that there are any defects with this product that relate to either the workmanship or the materials but are not due to improper use or user error, AIKO Grow Lighting shall, at its discretion, either replace or repair the product using the appropriate new or reconditioned parts. In the case that AIKO Grow Lighting decides to replace the entire product, the date of the limited warranty shall apply to the replacement from the date of the purchase of the initial product for 5 years. Just contact us for warranty details.

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"Another really good thing is the connection point that how these bars actually just easily go up into the light. It's just really super simple. The light itself also delivers a high ppfd to canopy. It must be a good staff. I'll definetely order again. thx."

— Jason

"As the first light like this or me  I'd say I like it. First it doesn't get as hot as some of my other grow lights. My seed started trees are growing well."

— Jessica

"The new design is the best for the money hands down! highly recommend! easy to set up and everything came exactly how I ordered it. This thing is 2x brighter than any of my other lights."

— Legalgrow. midwest